Saturday, June 6, 2009

Growing Op

Your host is far to be a fan of teen comedies. However, besides having a good time with Growing Op I thought that the film, as a whole, wasn't that bad despite its flaws. In fact, even though Growing Op might look like other teen flicks, it dares to take a different path with a plot twist at the end. Moreover, it's also rare to see a teen films that manages to get the most out of ludicrous situations to make you laugh.

In a suburb of Moncton, New Brunswick, Quinn (Steven Yaffee), who is 18 years old, lives with his parents (Rosanna Arquette and Wallace Langham), two drug producers and sellers. Since he has always been home-schooled by his mother, he wants to go to the local high school because it's attended by the beautiful girl next door, Crystal (Rachel Blanchard), who just moved in the neighbourhood with her parents. Quinn's parents have reservations about seeing their son going to high school, but let him go.

Obviously, like any other teenager films, Growing Op can't prevent itself from being a little bit formulaic. In fact, how many times have you seen a film about a loser (Quinn, in this case) trying to get the school's hottest girl (Crystal)? Moreover, what teenager films don't have scenes in which the "loser" is taken advantage of so to speak? This goes without saying that Growing Op can't make us forget how the film seems familiar since the characters' depth is thin and doesn't try to explore the meaning of growing up as brilliantly as Léa Pool's Lost and Delirious.

However, despite being ridiculously simple as a teenager film, Growing Op still manages to entertain us without being uselessly vulgar. Besides, what would the film be if the well-chosen cast couldn't use at its advantage the dialogues that are surprisingly sharp and funny? For that matter, let's raise our hats to Steven Yaffee who did a great job by holding the film on his shoulders of newcomer.

Finally, despite being formulaic, Growing Op is a teenager film that tries to stick to a script. However, let it be said that despite being cute, the script is more or less predictable. Obviously, if you're looking for something that will make you laugh, consider renting or buying this film.

Rating: 3/5

Origin:Canada (2008)
Length:100 minutes
Screenplay:Michael Melski
Director:Michael Melski
Steven Yaffee, Wallace Langham, Rosanna Arquette, Katie Boland and Rachel Blanchard

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