Monday, May 25, 2009

The Rhino Brothers

Here's a fact about sport films: most of them are not good and they're just made for entertainment. Okay, here's a little correction: up to this day, Maurice Richard is the only sport film I find outstanding. Even though one might expect some humour out of this piece of shit, the film didn't even make me laugh. Besides, although the film tries to deal with parent-son relations in regards to hockey, The Rhino Brothers doesn't have much of a script. So, just skip this film.

The film takes place in a small town and centres on three brothers - Steffan (Curtis Bechdholt), Victor (Alistair Abell) and Sasha (William MacDonald) - and their mother (Gabrille Rose). While Victor got cut from an elite team he stopped playing hockey. As for Sasha, he never fulfilled his dream to become an NHLer. Victor - the "perfect" brother who never made it to the NHL but succeeds as a owner of a hockey equipments store - believes he has the answer to Steffan's and Sasha's problem. This is why he makes a team for a hockey beer league and register it in a tournament.

As a sport film, The Rhino Brothers is only entertaining when the hockey scenes come. Of course, if you look at the cinematography, The Rhino Brothers' cinematography doesn't focus as directly on the hockey scenes as in high budget films. However, when it does, the film suggests quite well the potential level of brutality in some hockey beer leagues without glitz.

Nonetheless, I couldn't help but to think that the whole film is a piece of shit. In fact, the script is not even original as a story about underdogs although the movie director does know something about social life in a small town. Secondly, a long time before the ending comes, one can guess what will happen at the end. Come on, we know that Steffan will play pro hockey! Besides, putting scenes in which Steffan wonders if he wants to play in the big league doesn't create the expected effect on viewers. No, it just uselessly delays the arrival of the end. Hopefully, the cast does a rather good job despite being stuck with characters that needed a little bit more development.

If you're really curious about how sport films can suck, take a look at it. However, if I knew that the film wasn't so outstanding, I would have just avoided it even though hockey scenes are supposed to entertain me. Period.

Rating: 2/5

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Origin:Canada (2001
Length:93 minutes
Genre:Sport drama
Screenplay:Rudy Thauberger
Director:Dwayne Beaver
Starring:Gabrielle Rose, Curtis Bechdholt, William MacDonald, Alistair Abell and Deanna Milligan

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