Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No to Waste of Money!

Shall he become Canada's Prime Minister, Stéphane Dion repeatedly boasts about his ability to handle our economy in times of uncertainty. However, he's got things to prove.

Of course, Stéphane Dion, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC), is right when he criticizes Stephen Harper, our current Prime Minister. In fact, since the latter recently proposed a plan to face a possible economic recession, Dion can rightfully call Harper a "snoozer". However, Dion's right to criticism ends somewhere: with his typically-Liberal spendthrift habit, would he be a better economic manager than Harper?

Despite proposing an economic plan that he'll put forward in his first 30 days as a Prime Minister, Dion still doesn't know how to handle our economy in times of uncertainty. In fact, the leader of the LPC believes that for every social problems, money solves everything.

For example, Dion proposed that a Liberal government will inject $75 million in a fund for ethnic and religious groups. As an argument he said that right now, ethnic centres and religious groups are more preoccupied with hiring security agents. He added that with $75 million thrown away for them, ethnic and religious groups will not only be able to better protect their community centres (or places of worship) from hate crimes, but also focus even more on cultural services that members of an ethnic or or religious group need.

Suppose that you're a Muslim. You no longer need to worry, because your local mosque will be less preoccupied with hiring a security agent or putting a metal grid on its windows. In fact, with taxpayers' money, more religious festivities should be organized! Isn't that wonderful!

Of course, let's make it clear between you and I: racism doesn't have its place anywhere in our society!

Nevertheless, Stéphane Dion acts like an ethnic/religious populist who wants to buy off ethnic and religious votes. Obviously, it's pointless to use taxpayers' money to help ethnic and religious minorities. In fact, if Dion's plan is actually to protect these groups against hate crimes, it's preposterous to penalize most taxpayers - who didn't do anything hateful - just because of some cunts who don't understand what mutual respect is all about.

If Albert Einstein once said that as long as mankind exists, there will always be war. To put my grain of salt, I'll add that as long as mankind exists, racism and bigotry will unfortunately always exist, since human nature is so unpredictable.

Therefore, if ethnic or religious groups want to live their cultural life, they shouldn't do it at the expense of taxpayers' money. In fact, instead of asking for our government's money, any minority groups should above all rely on the money of their members. Our government is not supposed to give a business how some minority groups live their cultural life.

Secondly, the government should treat people equally without any distinction of ethnicity or religion. With that said, unlike what Dion likes to think, an ideal government is one that doesn't mix religions with politics.

As for protection against hate crimes, is Dion implying that policing is something that doesn't exist in Canada?

Dion might have earned the right to criticize Harper for his "be happy" attitude towards our economy. Nonetheless, anyone has earn the right to wonder if Dion knows what wasting money is all about.

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