Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rotten Lies

Gilles Duceppe and Stéphane Dion utter a flat out lie when they say that Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper doesn't respect the Fixed Date Election Bill (C-16).

If, as Quebecker, you read the newspaper La Presse, you certainly remember the advertisement from the Bloc Québécois (BQ) misquoting Stephen Harper on the purpose of Bill C-16. Add to that the fact that both Dion and Duceppe, who are respectively the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) and the leader of the BQ, didn't want to go through an election with their pathetic excuse. According to these two clowns, by not respecting the date for the next federal election, which is the 19th of October 2009, Stephen Harper mocks us, Canadians, and show disrespect to the premises of Bill C-16.

This is certainly surprising to see Dion and Duceppe lower themselves to an incredible level of demagoguery. After all, reading Bill C-16 wouldn't hurt anybody!

As a matter of fact, Dion and Duceppe have been implying that having an election at a fixed date will change our political traditions inherited from the British. However, unlike what they might believe, by calling an election, Stephen Harper, regardless of his intention, doesn't disregard Bill C-16.

Although we'll have election at a fixed date in the future, Dion and Duceppe should know that the bill mentioned that "if the government were to be defeated [in a vote of confidence], a general election would be held according to normal practice".

Therefore, by manufacturing lies about Harper's disrespect of Bill C-16, Dion and Duceppe plainly show us that they're irresponsible opposition leaders. After all, if they've spent time saying that Harper's cuts in culture and many other things are preposterous, why would they maintain the existence of our previous government?

My point is that, as an opposition leader, if one seriously believes that there's something wrong in our Prime Minister's decision, then that person might want to 1) call out any bad move from Harper and 2) topple the government by a non-confidence vote? Now, dear readers, that's what we call standing up for claimed values. However, Dion and Duceppe just give us the feeling that going through an election frightens them. Moreover, let me also tell you that Stéphane Dion once said to a journalist (after coming out of last week's meeting with Harper) that all Harper "had to do was not to present at the House of Commons the bills [that could have triggered an election]".

Obviously, that tells us how much Stéphane Dion's survival as the LPC's leader hangs by a thread... As for Duceppe, let's see how he'll lose his ability to conceal his feelings as time goes by.


For your information, I still havent't made my mind about who I will vote for. That's all for today, folks.

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