Friday, August 29, 2008

Pro-Obama Bias?

In Quebec (if not Canada in general), has anybody noticed that our media excessively focuses on Barrack Obama in the coverage of the upcoming American general election?

The question certainly deserves to be asked. You want to know where Barrack Obama is? Take a remote control and CBC News at Six will show him in a congress. Moreover, speaking about ideas, most of our lazy journalists only covered what they see as Obama's most beautiful ideas: his staunch willingness to withdraw American troops from Iraq, his national health care plan and (guess what?) his desire to bring changes no matter what that means.

Moreover, many Canadians find Obama very charismatic. Which makes us wonder if these Canadians support the Democratic Party's leader the same way some people like Justin Trudeau. Obviously, this shows us that for most Canadians, image matters more than concrete ideas.

Above all, most Canadians don't seem to care what Barrack Obama intends to do with our bilateral economic relations. In fact, should he get elected, Obama will show his protectionist attitude toward us. In other words, Obama's election, though it might look good for some people, would jeopardize the NAFTA's very existence.

Moreover, Canadians seem not to care about Obama's demagogic remarks that we, Canadians, steal Americans' jobs while it's third-world countries that are the prime suspects. After all, factory owners, for example, wouldn't move their factory in Canada, because Canadian workers are definitely not worth as much as a - let's say - poor Asian worker. Think about it: once the USA decides to withdraw from the NAFTA, our exported products will be hit by a border tariff. Thus, it will make it even harder for us to export our products, for more than 80% of our exportations go to the USA. Moreover, foreign goods sold in our market will be more expansive. Is it seriously what many Canadians want?

On the other hand, John McCain, the leader of the Republican party, is an advocate of free-trade. However, our reluctance to see him at the White House is quite understandable for a few reasons that come to our mind. In fact, McCain 1) is not in favour of a full or gradual withdrawal of the American troops from Iraq; 2) wouldn't consider investing in research for alternative energy; and, for instance, 3) his lack of qualms when he panders to the religious right-wing people in the USA.

Finally, though Obama and McCain do have good ideas on certain issues, one thing is sure: no matter who Americans will elect as their president in a few months, there are certainly unpleasant things to expect. To be really honest with you, I support neither Obama and McCain, just to let you know.

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