Monday, July 28, 2008

Treason Is Treason, Period!

Omar Khadr's repatriation from Guantanamo Bay must serve two purposes: judge him as a traitor and deport him along with his family in a non-Western country of their choice.

Of course, the apathy of Stephen Harper, Canada's Prime Minister, towards Omar Khadr may appall many Canadians. Some will say that he was a child soldier and that at the age of fiften years old, one's judgement is not developped enough. Hence, the necessity to bring Khadr back to Canada for a fair trial - whatever this term means to many excessively kind-hearted Canadians.

However, advocating fairness doesn't mean not sticking to the facts!

Should he be rapatriated, Khadr deserves a fair trial, which means seeing our judicial procedures being applied to him. In spite of that, there's nothing Omar Khadr can do to change the final result of his trial.

After all, there's no doubt that he fought alongside the Talibans in Afghanistan against Western forces. By the way, the Talibans are enemy of which countries? Yes, one of these countries is Canada, our country. We see two reasons why Khadr should be accused of treason: not only he fought with our enemies, but he also killed a soldier from an allied nation (the USA) serving in Afghanistan.

Therefore, one can hardly say that Khadr didn't know what he did when he was in Afghanistan. Regardless of the side you belong to, you always want to survive in a war, right? He probably was in a situation of self-defence, but he killed an allied. Therefore, having the Canadian citizenship doesn't grant him the right to assist our enemies.

And guess what, during an interview on CBC a few years ago, Khadr's mom and sisters said that it's normal to do something for Islam no matter what it is!!???!!!

It may look simplistic, but let's bring Omar Khadr back to Canada and above all, let's not be afraid to brand his family of scum bags as traitors and deport them. By the way, this reminds me of something: if you don't like Canada, you may consider going to live in another country. One can't enjoy our civil freedom and hate this country at the same time!

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