Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Canada!

Let's wish a happy birthday to Canada! If I had any wish, at this moment, I just wish that it would be a different country from what it is right now. However, let's put aside our political opinions and celebrate our Canadianess. Secondly, my wish is that our country will win the gold in hockey at the Vancouver Olympic games of 2010. Finally, as my tradition wants it, I'll leave you with a 10-questions quiz just to see how well you know Canada. Good luck!


1. Which one of these TV shows is the longest running one in Canadian history?

a) Hockey Night in Canada
b) La poule aux œufs d'or
c) Royal Canadian Air Farce
d) The National

2. What is the national drink of Canada?

a) The Molson beer
b) Bloody Caesar cocktail
c) Canada Dry
d) The Alexander Keith beer

3. In 2005, while this movie was acclaimed in Europe, it was censored in the USA due to its relatively explicit sexual content. Which movie are we talking about?

a) Eastern Promises
b) Where the Truth Lies
c) The Tracey Fragments
d) eXistenZ

4. Speaking about hockey recreational leagues, while Quebeckers refer to them as "garage leagues", what term do English Canadians use to refer to them?

a) Car leagues
b) Backyard leagues
c) Hot stove leagues
d) Beer leagues

5. A part from people, music and liquors, what do we normally find in a "Manitoba social", a Manitoban party that has some Ukrainian roots?

a) A skill contest in which participants must not finish last, otherwise they'll have to drink a bottle of vodka in front of everybody.
b) A skill contest in which participants (who wish to do it) must break 12 empty beer bottles with hockey wrist shots.
c) A ticket table at the front door where you can find liquor and raffle tickets.
d) A big cauldron in which the host mix all sorts of beers together so that it will be served at the end of the social.

6. Which Canadian city is nicknamed "Hogtown"?

a) Montreal
b) Halifax
c) Victoria
d) Toronto

7. What does it mean to be "on the pogey"?

a) To be pregnant
b) To be at the summit of a mountain
c) To be living on social welfare
d) To be horny

8. Which Canadian feminist put on the famous satirical play known as The Women's Parliament, or rather Mock Parliament, in 1914?

a) Nellie McClung
b) Emily Murphy
c) Irene Parlby
d) Louise McKinney

9. What is the nickname given to the Canadian Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

a) The Gory-and-Sucky tax
b) The Gauge-and-Screw tax
c) The Gross-and-Snobbish tax
d) The Gross-and-Suicidal tax

10. In the worldwide known Canadian literary classic Anne of Green Gables, written by Lucy Maud Montgomery, in which province does the story takes place?

a) Ontario
b) Prince Edward Island
c) British-Columbia
d) Saskatchewan

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