Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Quebec!

This post is meant to loudly wish a happy birthday to Quebec! Let's just hope that Quebec (as well as Canada) keeps growing as a society in every sense of the term. Hey, rest assured, Quebec had evidently come a long way since the time of Lionel Groulx. Finally, I'll leave you with you a quiz that I made just to see how well you know Quebec.


1. In 2005, which Quebecker writer won a literary Governor General Award for his/her novel that takes place during the Second World War.

a) Sergio Kokis
b) Colin McDougall
c) Nicole Fyfe Martel
d) Aki Shimazaki

2. During the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837-1838, who led the Patriotes in their fights against the British?

a) Robert Nelson
b) Wolfred Nelson
c) Louis-Joseph Papineau
d) Marie-Thomas Chevalier de Lorimier

3. In the 1960s, which Quebecker journalist coined the famous expression "Quiet Revolution" to describe the political and social changes occuring in Quebec?

a) Brian Upton
b) Gérard Pelletier
c) Lysianne Gagnon
d) Henry Aubin

4. Which former player of the Montreal Canadiens created the deking technique known as the Spin O-Rama, which consists in evading an opponent by a sudden 180- or 360-degree turn?

a) Denis Savard
b) Guy Lafleur
c) Jean Béliveau
d) Yvon Cournoyer

5. What does the name of Quebec City ("Kébec") means in Algonquin (a Native language)?

a) Where the spirits watch us
b) Where the honoured warriors rest
c) Where the river (the St-Lawrence) narrows
d) Where our History begins

6. Which one of these movies DOES NOT deal with the October Crisis?

a) Les ordres
b) Octobre
c) Le party
d) Les bons débarras

7. In which Quebecker city is the first French-speaking military regiment based?

a) St-Jean
b) Matane
c) Valcartier
d) St-Georges

8. In the 1960s, during the Montreal Canadiens' games, while many French Quebecker hockey fans grew up listening to the play-by-play comments of René Lecavalier, most English Quebeckers actually grew up to whose play-by-play comments? Hint: He came up with the expression "a hair-raising save".

a) Bob Cole
b) Danny Gallivan
c) Brian MacFarlane
d) Craig Simpson

9. In 1977, who created the concept of Quebec's National Improvisation League (LNI)?

a) Luc Senay and Réjean Tremblay
b) Guy A. Lepage and Yves Pelletier
c) Robert Gravel and Yvon Leduc
d) Yvan Ponton and Réal Bossé

10. Which Quebecker playwright built his reputation on plays that talk about poor working class people of the Plateau Mont-Royal, a district of Montreal?

a) Wajdi Mouawad
b) Robert Lepage
c) Fred Barry
d) Michel Tremblay

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