Friday, November 23, 2007

My Fields of Interest In History

The Car of History (1819), by Carlo Franzoni
Most of my close friends have always known that I'm an enthusiastic of History. You guys probably foresaw many years ago that I'll study History in university. Now, it's about time that I show you my fields of interest in History (what I like and want to learn about). Of course, I'm particularly interested in Canadian History, but here are my dominants interests.

1. Canadian History:
  • Quebecker and English Canadian nationalism.
  • Anti-British rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada (1837-1840).
  • Imprisonment of intellectuals and journalists.
  • Canadian feminism.
  • Ethnic tensions between whites and "visible minorities".
  • Racial/ethnic segregation.
  • Intellectual literature and debates (related to politics).
  • Far-right politicians, thinkers and organizations.
  • Myths and lies in the teaching of History.
  • The Seven Years' War (1756-1763).
  • People's life during the Second World War (1939-1945).
  • The conscription crisis (1917).
  • Slavery (1605-1834).
  • Political history from the 1940s to nowadays.
  • English Canadian culture.
  • Socialism in Canada.

2. American History:
  • American war of independence (1776-1783).
  • Slavery (1619-1865).
  • Racial segregation.
  • Working classes' activism (19th century to the 1960s).
  • The American Civil War (1861-1865).

3. European History
  • The Age of Enlightenment.
  • The Second World War (1939-1945).
  • The French Revolution (1789).
  • The (gradual) birth of French secularism (1880s to 1905).
  • Communism in the USSR and Eastern European countries.
  • The Armenian genocide (1915-1918).
  • German political and social history (1930-1945).

4. Asian History:
  • The Indochina War (1946-1954).
  • The Korean War (1950-1953).
  • Japanese imperialism (1880s to 1945).
  • The History of samurai.
  • Chinese social and political history (1880s to 1976).

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