Monday, September 17, 2007

Just Relax and Enjoy 24

The TV show 24 does contain horrible torture scenes, but on the other hand it also does contain sensible social messages.

Apparently, Jack Bauer (the main character of 24 played by Kieffer Sutherland) is a model for some members of the American army and some judges.

As a matter of fact, a course based on the understanding of "domestic and international legal issues concerning counterterrorism in the context of the utilitarian and sometimes desperate responses to terrorism raised by the plot of 24" is offered in the Law program of Georgetown University.

Besides, Jack Bauer's propensity to torture prisoners also seems to be the object of some American interrogators' discussions.

Ok, 24 does contain torture scenes. However, anybody must not take certain things they see in this TV show too seriously. After all, the TV show, through the character of Jack Bauer, shows us the dark reality inextricably related to espionage and counter-terrorism not just in the USA. Indeed, torture is a reality without borders.

The previous statement should rather be seen as a speculative thought. In life, one has to make a distinction between work of fiction and reality.

The TV show 24 does contain horrible torture scenes, but on the other hand it also does contain sensible social messages. With that said, anyone who thinks that 24 promotes torture as a way to getting answers from detainees must be dreaming.

Speaking about sensible social message, 24's next season (the seventh one) will contain subtle messages about the necessity to act immediately in our own way against climate change. Behind the camera, the crew members are willing to reduce the show's carbon footprint. In the press communique of Fox, it is said that 24 "will strive to become the first television production ever to save enough energy and reduce enough carbon emissions over the course of a season to render its entire season finale carbon neutral."

For instance, instead of using diesel fuels for its production vehicles and power generators, the crew will use a combination of biodiesel fuel and petroleum diesel. This should lead the crew of 24 to emission reductions ranging from 5% on the vehicles to as much as 100% on the generators. Add to that the inclusion of low-emissions and fuel-saving hybrid vehicles to the show.

Obviously, let's not forget that not only you will find more simple tips on how to individually fight climate change on 24's official web site, but some members of the show's cast will appear in public service announcements (PSA) in which they'll give you advices about what you can do to protect this planet. By the way, Kieffer Sutherland has already done one PSA, just to let you know. Finally, some advices on how to fight climate change will be integrated to the storyline.

Moreover, those who saw the third season might also be inclined to believe that the show is trying to promote the beauty of public health care, something that unfortunately can't be found in the USA. After all, do I need to remind you that Tommy Douglas, the former Premier of Saskatchewan, is Sutherland's grand-father?

Since 24 is the only American TV show that I've been watching for the last year (on DVD, naturally!!!), I can tell you that I personally see the show as a high-quality source of entertainment. However, I am perfectly aware that the show is quite violent, but I don't think that the scriptwriters are dumb enough to promote torture.

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