Saturday, September 15, 2007

Created to Fail

The Bouchard-Taylor commission is a failure, because the appointees don't have what it takes to understand French Quebeckers and above all, ethnic minorities.

In February, Quebec's Premier Jean Charest appointed sociologist Gérard Bouchard and philosopher Charles Taylor at the helm of a study commission. These two academics were to conduct a province-wide study on religious accommodations. In addition to the controversies sullying the commission, Bouchard and Taylor recently had the bad idea to broaden the debate on religious accommodations to immigration.

Let's say things as they are: the Bouchard-Taylor commission is just a pure waste of money. Instead, Charest could have taken a very quick decision. The Bouchard-Taylor commission is a failure, because the appointees don't have what it takes to understand French Quebeckers and above all, ethnic minorities.

Jean Charest has ludicrously stressed all along on the fact that the commission is led by "experts" on the issues of religions and immigration. Well, the commission certainly has the merit to be led by academics and backed up by another batch of... 15 academics! However, this is unimpressive. These are actually academics who have expressed their opinions on religions and accommodations throughout their intellectual career.

If Jean Charest had appointed lawyer Julius Grey, my perception about the study commission wouldn't change from a bit. In fact, Grey is just one of those buffoons who live in a make-believe-it world of his own.

Even though they won't admit it, the 17 academics forming the Bouchard-Taylor commission just have no concrete experience in the domain of immigration. Despite all the education that they received, their knowledge is not comparable to that of a social worker or even a lawyer specialized in immigration. With their immoderate penchant for cold theories, how can Bouchard and Taylor, in the first place, understand all the things that ordinary French Quebeckers and above all, ethnic minorities go through?

Add to that the group of 15 academics that were hand-picked by Bouchard and Taylor. With two people who have a foreign-like name, we can expect this group to fully understand every ethnic layers of Quebec...

Seriously, having a whole set of diplomas is beautiful. However, being on a field in order to help immigrants is better than sitting down and producing abstract thoughts.

As a matter of fact, Gérard Bouchard pathetically believe that Montrealers and the rest of Quebeckers just live the same reality, which means ethnic diversity. For someone who spent most of his life in Chicoutimi, Bouchard really doesn't understand that the issue of ethnic co-existence mostly concerns Montrealers, in the first place.

Secondly, Bouchard is seriously dumb enough to believe that racism is just on the side of French Quebeckers. I beg your pardon, Mr Bouchard! What are you waiting for to get out of your ivory tower, eh? I do know many people (coming from ethnic minorities) who have been saying racist things against French Quebeckers for quite a while! As for Charles Taylor, well, needless to say that he's just a dogmatic ideologist who can't express nuanced stances on the issue of ethnic co-existence and religions if you read some works of his.

The creation of the study commission might be fraught with good intentions for some people. However, as opposed to what Jean Charest believe, the commission is far to be a tool for a "public debate". After all, the problem is this simple: the appointees are just people who are more used to sit down rather than being on the field.

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