Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Short Comments

1. When in Rome, do as the Romans do!
Who thought that this sort of thing only happened in Germany, Great Britain and Canada? Well, click on the link that I provided just to see what it's about. That makes me wonder why some people just immigrate into a Western country in order to harm it. Therefore, here's the last words of this short comment: if you don't like your new country, just hop in a boat (or a plane) and get out!

2. Would some Quebecker politicians say it?
For those who say that Quebec is just like France, you're not necessarily wrong. What do the first, which is a French-speaking Canadian province, and the latter have in common? Here's the answer: people living there don't work enough and see wealth as a taboo. Finally, the difference between them is that in France people are encouraged to think by themselves (maybe too much according to Nicolas Sarkozy), whereas in Quebec (well, I mean no offence), I've always had the odd feeling that the less you think, the better it is.

3. Will secularism stay alive in Turkey?
Today is quite a special day for Westerners, mostly for Europeans. Turkish people are heading straight to the poll, but many people have expressed fear because the AKP, the current governing party, seems to hate secularism given its Islamist roots. Strange though it might sound, Turkey's outgoing Prime Minister has always displayed his desire to see his country entering the European Union, right? I'm not showing my support to any political party. However, if the "supremacy" of the rule of law and the Turkish Constitution must be recognized, secularism can't be removed because the article 4 clearly states that "the provision of Article 1 of the Constitution establishing the form of the state as a Republic, the provisions in Article 2 on the characteristics of the Republic, and the provision of Article 3 shall not be amended, nor shall their amendment be proposed." Oops, these are probably words and I forgot what the Turkish army stood up for...

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