Friday, July 27, 2007

Mike Colle Took the Fall for the Ontario Liberals

Even though Mike Colle took the fall in this scandal, those who are to blame are actually the Liberals themselves, especially Dalton McGuinty.

Mike Colle, Ontario's Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, tendered his resignation, but he'll remain an MPP in the riding of Eglinton-Lawrence. This happened thanks to a report released by Ontario's Auditor general Jim McCarter revealing that $32 million was scandalously given out to ethnic organizations without any accountability.

Indeed, we can tell very easily that Dalton McGuinty, Ontario's Premier, didn't want to deal with this political scandal. Think about the upcoming provincial election of October 10! Even though Mike Colle took the fall in this scandal, those who are to blame are actually the Liberals themselves, especially Dalton McGuinty (photo).

Last March, the New Democratic Party (NDP) demanded explanations about why $200,000 was granted to what was described as the Iranian-Canadian Community Centre. However, CBC and the Toronto Star both affirmed that it was mistakenly listed an animal protection agency. That group didn't qualify for the financing criteria, because it has operated for only two years.

Furthermore, Ontarian taxpayers' money was granted to some ethnic organizations or community centres that didn't apply for the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration's subsidies! On the other hand, some groups received far more money than they had requested.

Obviously, during the parliamentary works in committee, while the Progressive Conservatives (PC) and the NDP all claimed for an investigation led by Ontario's Auditor general, what was Dalton McGuinty's reaction? He used his parliamentary majority in order to stonewall the opposition's demands! In short, it's clear that the NDP and the PC saw that the Liberals had something to hide.

Secondly, McGuinty used the mainstream media to accuse his opponents of being "racists" who can't accept the fact that Ontario is receiving immigrants. How funny! Is worrying about the way taxpayers' money is being spent a racist thing? To put things back in their context, both opposition parties accused the lack of transparency in the process of giving out grants to ethnic organizations and community centres.

With that said, McGuinty's accusations towards both opposition parties almost remind me of Jean Charest, Quebec's Premier, accusing Mario Dumont of racism in the debate about religious accommodations. As far as we know, the NDP and the PC never claimed that immigration should be stopped. All in all, McGuinty's accusations of racism is a complete display of disdain towards Ontarians who voted for two supposedly racist parties.

In other words or in Dalton McGuinty's words, if you voted for the NDP or the PC, you're just a closeted admirer of French far-right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen! Oooh, be scared! See the devil if you encounter an Ontarian who voted for either the NDP or the PC!

Now, how can McGuinty say that he speaks for all Ontarians, eh? Given his paucity of grey matters and his ability in demagoguery, let him figure out how to gain the trust of all Ontarians. However, this scandal might tell us that Quebecker and Ontarian Liberals are no different from those who are elected at the federal parliament: their reliance on the votes of ethnic minorities make them do condemnable things with taxpayers' money.


Finally, this show us that Canada's useless policy of multiculturalism must be abolished. Why on earth should a white person's taxes be used to finance ethnic organizations or community centres which are supposed to integrate newcomers and help them to keep their ethnic culture? Ethnic minorities don't have to be financially dependent of the state. Secondly, if they want to keep their ethnic culture, well, they should privately use the money coming from members of their ethnic community rather than from Joe Blow's taxes.

After all, what's the point to elaborate social policies if a portion of your population, based on its ethnicity, only have access to it? Well, I don't want to offend anybody out there, but it's about time that Canada treats its citizens with European republican values, which means treating everybody the same way without paying attention to ethnicity, religion and the colour of the skin.

I may be a proud Canadian, but unfortunately, I find most Canadians too stupid to understand what the hell is a republic. In fact, many of my compatriots believe that living in a republic will make us like the Americans. As far as know, there are three types of republics and the USA is far to be a model due to the complexity of its political institutions.

On another note, if you're a loyalist (i.e. someone who worships the English monarch), I'll respect your opinion, but you can be sure that you won't have my respect.

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