Monday, July 23, 2007

How Will your Blog Be Rated and Understood?

While I'm preparing the next political blog post (to some bloke from Nova Scotia who probably recognizes himself: I am not a political expert and neither are you, by the way), I'll just leave you with two interesting things. The first one is a sort of web gadget that tells you how your blog will be rated according to American movie standards.

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By the way, I almost forgot to tell you that the language used on your blog is the only thing taken in consideration.

Secondly, the next thing is about the level of difficulty to understand your blog depending on how you write (vocabulary and grammar). Just click on this link that will lead you to a text analyzer using the Gunning fog index. This index ranges from 0 (extremely easy) to 20 (extremely hard). According to Wikipedia, "texts that are designed for a wide audience generally require a fog index of less than 12."

I'll take some texts of mine to see how I write:

Conclusion: In general, I'm someone who is quite easy to read. However, I don't understand why my texts dealing respectively with the war in Iraq and the Canadian mission in the Afghan province of Kandahar got rated over 12. Anyway, here are some comparisons that we can make (thanks to Wikipedia) with other written stuff by using the Gunning fog index.

* 12 — Atlantic Monthly
* 11 — TIME, Harper's
* 10 — Newsweek
* 9 — Reader's Digest
* 8 — Ladies' Home Journal
* 7 — True Confessions
* 6 — Comic books

Now, tell me, am I usually easy to understand when I write something? You just tell me, because I'm willing to improve my blog :-)

Yours friendly,

Anh Khoi

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