Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Blog!

Of course, it was quite a moment to start things over again! Indeed, the first thing I posted was about the war in Lebanon and Canada's foreign policy. As I was developing this blog, most of you have always had the pleasure (or the displeasure) to see my opinion on various issues.

Whether it was about defending a flexible approach to federalism in Canada, being against excessive state intervention in the economy, advocating the European concept of a mixed health care system, laughing at the ridiculous concept of multiculturalism, being strongly against religious accommodations, talking about movies, learning new things or talking about History, my goal has always been that simple: offering an alternative to mainstream media when it comes to discussing about politics.

Again, I'm not pretending that I can do better than the mainstream media; it's just pitiable that some columnists are too afraid to say obvious things. This blog that started with barely ten readers or so (mostly close friends) gradually grew up and currently has a readership of at least 300 readers per week along with more than 20 RSS suscribers. Now, enough writing! I'll leave you with some videos.

Yours truly,

Anh Khoi Do

James Bond and Vesper Lynd taking the time to drink a Heineken!

A weird ping-pong match.

Watch this electrifying performance of France's current president Nicolas Sarkozy (in French)!!!

An admirable display of courage by Maryam Namazie.

Finally, this is a stand-up comic by Rachid Badouri at the 2005 Just for Laugh Festival (in French).

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