Friday, June 22, 2007

Italian Neo-Realism and Iraq

With my daily visit on the web meant to feed me in terms of news, I saw a very interesting thing on the web site of Radio-Canada. Today, journalist Sophie-Hélène Leboeuf shares with us a very interesting news on Iraq. If you look at what she said, she was talking about a new way to write History. From what I know, in the previous centuries, people used to write what they felt in their memoirs or even a notebook.

When the camera was invented, many people started to make on their own their movies even though they knew it sucks like hell. Now, with the quick development of Internet, it is now possible to become known around the world. Why is that so? Well, you don't need the budget of a James Bond movie to promote your art work and be part of the marketing process.

An American company called Chat the planet was part of a web project called Hometown Bagdad. Since March, this web project is actually part of a vlog (meaning video blog for the ignorant people out there :-P) that shows you 38 episodes of a web video series. This video series shows you the daily life of many people living in the Iraqi capital city of Bagdad in a very spontaneous way, which means with no acting at all.

By the way, the filmmakers and the "actors" have always risked their lives whenever they shot the clips.

That almost makes you think about Zhang Yimou's film Not one Less (and by extension Italian neo-realistic movies) which used non-professional actors. However, before you start watching the episode, the videos' length can vary between 2 to 8 minutes and they look a lot like documentaries. Enjoy watching the first episode!

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