Friday, May 18, 2007

Lise Thibault Finally Gets Out!

Thanks to a short and amusing blog post written by Élodie Gagnon-Martin, I just learned this morning that Quebec's current Lieutenant Governor will finally be kicked out. The point is that it would have been better if monarchy was abolished in Canada. Again, it's pretty obvious that most Canadians don't want to live in a republic.

Who will replace Lise Thibault? Apparently, according to the newspaper Le Soleil, Stephen Harper will designate Pierre Duchesne (not the political journalist from Radio-Canada, mind you) as Quebec's Lieutenant Governor today. Well, it truly was about time that Lise Thibeult leaves. Given her filthy habits at the time when Quebeckers had to endure her, she must now learn how to live with what she has around.

In fact, at the time when we had to endure her, she was quite known for using her magic credit card. In other words, she excessively used taxpayers' money to bankroll her lavish activities. Let's also remember that she used her magic credit card to have a breakfast at Quebec City, Montreal and Gatineau on the same day and at the same time. Does it look like science-fiction to you?

Strange though it might sound, this is not something taken from a novel from Patrick Senécal or Dennis Lehane (two novelists that I appreciate)! In addition to that, Thibault also asked the Quebecker government to refund her for the three simultaneous break breakfasts that she "had". How pathetic...

Moreover, it was also about time that Stephen Harper gets rid of her: Thibault never had the reputation of respecting her mandate. In fact, she was often absent when Quebec's National Assembly needed her to sign a bill, so that it can be approved. That would be in our interests if Canada's political institutions were reformed, but let's hope, for the moment, that Pierre Duchesne will work with a better sense of judgement than Lise Thibault.

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