Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On a Break

Since I'm really close to the end of my last semester in college, I won't be posting any columns until May 25. Needless to say that I'm inundated by a huge pile of works. That leads me to the announcement that I would like to make: believe it or not, I'm done with changing my mind and I'm finally going to study History at the University of Montreal. I'd also like to take the occasion to wish to those who are students a happy end of semester.

To conclude this short message, I'll leave you with a poll about how I can please you, as readers. Once again, thanks to all the readers (although I know that most of you don't always appreciate my opinions) and thanks a lot.

Knowing that this blog mainly deals with politics, you'd like to see more columns on...
Canadian federalism
Multiculturalism and religion
International politics
Quebecker politics and separatism
Canadian politics
Political books
Movies (dealing with politics)
All of the above
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