Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Liberals and ethnic minorities

By making a historical analysis, one might come to the odd conclusion that there's probably an invisible link between the Liberals' extremely racist past and their attitude towards New Canadians in the current national political context.

On the 6th of January 2007, Wadjid Khan, who was an MP for the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC), crossed the floor and then became a trooper for the Conservative Party led by Stephen Harper. Since that very moment, the Tories, after the appointment of Jason Kenney at the useless Ministry of Multiculturalism, are now hoping to break the LPC's virtual and artificial monopoly on the New Canadians' votes.

A Canadian head tax certificate

Many people tend to forget that the LPC was once a political party with a far-right orientation despite its evolution. Evidently, in 1885, the Conservatives were the first to promulgate a racist bill that took the form of a $50 head tax on each Chinese immigrant who comes to Canada. Nonetheless, the Liberals, with the blind approval of their federal counterparts, were the major builders of what we can euphemistically call the "Golden Age of Canadian Racism".

The time of racism

In 1903, Prime minister Wilfrid Laurier will ultimately increase the Chinese Head Tax to $500 (the equivalent of two years of wages). Until 1923, this head tax idiotically made Canada amass a sum of $23 million, according to the Chinese Canadian National Council (CCNC). From this day to the 1950s, most Canadian politicians wanted Canada to remain racially white and culturally British. In their opinion, Asians, along with the Eastern and Southern Europeans, were “biologically impossible to assimilate”.

Mackenzie King

The CCNC also indicates that the Canadian Parliament led by the liberal government of Mackenzie King, on the 1st of July 1923, will succeed into approving the Chinese Immigration Act that consisted into radically restricting the rights of Chinese people to come to Canada. Besides, King didn't allow German Jewish refugees to immigrate in Canada. Obviously, he will also order the internment of Canadians of Japanese and Italian heritage after the bombing of Pearl Harbor even though a report from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) clearly said that these people were law-abiding. Furthermore, the possessions and properties of Canadians of Japanese and Italian heritage will be sod at a public auction.

Ideological liberalization

Since China fought with the Allies, the Chinese Immigration Act will be repealed on the 14th of May 1947 and that will allow Canadians of Chinese and Asian heritage to vote. The next year, people of Japanese heritage will receive the right to vote. Besides, with Prime minister Lester B. Pearson, the ethnic identity ceased to be a criteria in the immigration laws in 1967. In 1988, conservative Prime minister Brian Mulroney admitted the past mistakes of Canada to people of Japanese and Italian heritage without using the word "apologies" in a press communiquées.

Before the previous election, Paul Martin, the leader of the LPC back then, "issued a personal apology a personal apology on a Fairchild Chinese-language radio program[,] but Martin has said nothing to indicate his government would formally apologize for the head tax". The Chinese community of Canada wanted to have a formal apology made in the House of Commons, but after the election, Paul Martin and the Liberals will make a "historical dumping" on Stephen Harper.

Ethnic labelling

In the old days, the Liberals were a bunch of racists who resented most New Canadians. Since a few years, the Liberals preferred to gently see their favourite customers as "ethnic minorities". Despite the evacuation of racism from the LPC's philosophy, the actual Liberals have one link in common with their predecessors: their incapacity to display inclusive feelings towards New Canadians because of the influence of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the defender of multiculturalism. No wonder why the Liberals have always gratuitously branded those (just like me) who politely advocate a bicultural Canadian melting pot as "racists".

Unfortunately, by diplomatically magnifying the ethnic differences, the Liberals almost complicate the integration of New Canadians into our society. These people, by seeing themselves (and by being seen) as "ethnic minorities" in a "cultural mosaic", will idiotically come to regard the Canadian identity as an ethnic identity.

Even though they're not racists, the Liberals, who always curry ethnic minorities, unconciously (and in a very insidious way) ask New Canadians to happily feel like strangers in Canada. Moreover, many Canadian politicians don't realize that by currying ethnic minorities in this way, they're turning their back on a very condemnable attitude from the ethic minorities in general: the trivialization of ethnic nationalism.

Not only do most ethnic minorities don't feel Canadians (because of the Liberals), but they also think that it's okay to advocate ethnic nationalism. The Liberals' racist past made them look like politicians who are affraid to uphold, with inclusive purposes, that ethnic minorities are Canadians. Instead, the Liberals prefer to uphold that ethnic minorities form many components of a "cultural mosaic"...

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