Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Forget Justin Trudeau!

Since two days, we’ve been hearing many rumours saying that Justin Trudeau, the son of the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau, is willing to begin a career in politics. Moreover, in Quebec, many media outlets are still upholding that he’s interested to be a candidate of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) in the “safe” Montrealer riding of Outremont. No matter what we say, Trudeau will probably not take this riding held by the out-going liberal MP Jean Lapierre.

Trudeau, and with reason, doesn’t have his place in politics. Simply put, the son of former (and forgettable) Prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau looks more flamboyant and charismatic than Stéphane Dion. Nevertheless, does charisma put you above the average of intelligence? In the case of Justin Trudeau, asking the question is like answering to it. I don’t admire Stéphane Dion, but let it be said that flamboyancy and charisma doesn’t make Trudeau smarter than the current leader of the LPC.

As a scholar and then a minister in two cabinets, Stéphane Dion proved us that he’s gifted in the art of questioning certain things taken by people as sacred cows. Will a highly opinionated person ever say that about Justin Trudeau? Definitely not. This former High School teacher in British-Columbia never proved to Canadians that he’s got fresh ideas for the 21th century.

In fact, in an interview that he once gave to radio host Christiane Charrette, Justin Trudeau declared that his father transmitted to him an “all made up” set of values. Unfortunately, what really tarnish the image of Justin Trudeau is rather the fact that he accepted his father’s back-warded ideas from the 20th century without ever questioning them.

I’ve travelled so much in every corners of the planet, I (Justin Trudeau) know Canada, I have things to say and I have deep values to share given by my father (Pierre Elliott Trudeau). It took a whole lifetime for my father to develop these values, but as for us (Justin Trudeau and his brother Alexandre), he just gave to us these values that were all made up.

Besides, you don’t need to read Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s biography to know that he’s the politician who harmed Canada the most with his political heritage. After all, how can you say that the Multiculturalism Act and our lame healthcare system (that creates economic deficits because of the impossibility to make the public and private sectors co-exist together) benefit to Canada, eh?

Obviously, these things show us that what really annoy people is not the fact that Justin Trudeau doesn’t know anything about politics. It’s rather the fact that he’s just trying to, in a manner of speaking, wear the shoes of his – and you clearly heard me! – stupid father. Justin Trudeau doesn’t understand that he has to find a way to dissociate himself from his father’s political image. I really doubt that the leader of the LPC Stéphane Dion would like to take ideas that are “all made up” to rebuild his party…

Unfortunately, the problem with most of the LPC’s members is rather the fact that they’re all oriented in the not so glorious past of their party (i.e. multiculturalism, a state monopoly on healthcare, useless economic intervention here and there). Most of them really think like Pierre Elliott Trudeau if you know what I mean.

I really doubt that the LPC, a party that I profoundly hate for a (or many) reason(s) that you already know, doesn’t need another flamboyant and flashy microphone to carry political values that Canada doesn’t need in this century. If Justin Trudeau is just interested to go in politics with the LPC in order to act like a recycle bin that is easy to get filled up and to parade with his last name, he should probably think about something else…

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