Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pakistan's backyard

According to an article of the newspaper Le Monde, since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan in 2001, the international community didn't succeed to get over the Taliban problem. A few days ago, the respective head of state of Pakistan and Afghanistan met each other at the White House with American president George W. Bush. Unfortunately, Pakistan and Afghanistan couldn't find an agreement.

That meeting was meant to help Pakistan and Afghanistan to find a way to stall the growing influence of the Taliban near the Afghan-Pakistani borders. In fact, during a previous meeting at Kabul, the Pakistani Foreign Affairs minister Khurshid Kasuri couldn't bring forward a coherent common jirga (tribal assembly) to develop a plan to stop the Taliban.

Furthermore, Kasuri admitted that many Talibans are crossing the borders of Pakistan although many soldiers of this country are keeping an eye on the borders. This disagreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan is obviously rooted into History.

As the Globe and Mail's columnist Jeffrey Simpson once said it, many Western countries are ignoring the fact that Pakistan (even though it doesn't always admit it) never seem to be preoccupied by the influence of the Taliban, because it always wanted to find ways to weaken Afghanistan, given the ethnic divisions in the latter.

Simpson also says that Pakistan always considered Afghanistan as its backyard, because if - and I say "if" - India invaded Pakistan, this country's troops planned to withdraw in Afghanistan and violate the sovereignty of its weak neighbour. This fact single-handedly shows us that Pakistan hasn't always been pro-Westerners.

Instead of always organizing meetings between the two presidents of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the international community must get a better knowledge of Afghanistan's History and also force the Pakistani government to leave behind, once and for all, its imperialistic treatment towards Afghanistan and co-operate in the hunt of the Taliban.

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