Tuesday, December 5, 2006

John Bolton's resignation

John Bolton, the very fiery and "blunt-spoken" ambassador of the USA at the United Nations (UN), resigned. Even though he didn't take it very well, American president George W. Bush still accepted it. Apparently, George W. Bush will be going through a bereavement, if you know what I mean... In fact, John Bolton is no longer at the UN to preach George W. Bush's will to the international community. Besides, John Bolton always hated the UN if you look at his critiques about it.

Some newspapers in Canada suggest that the Democrats, whether they're in the Congress or in the Senate, are looking for a candidate that can reach both the Republican and the Democrat Party. All right, this is true, but can we have the whole truth, please! Today, the New York Times is saying that the eyes are starting to turn on Zalmay Khalizad, the actual US ambassador in Iraq.

If all eyes are on Khalizad, let's hope that he won't be "at odds with the multilateral approach at the United Nations [just like John Bolton]." (Helene Cooper, 2006) Guess what? The UN sent out a press communiquée by saying that it will make "no comment" about the resignation of John Bolton... What do you guys in the USA are thinking about the resignation of John Bolton. Please leave a comment just to let me know your thoughts.


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