Saturday, November 25, 2006

Gilles Duceppe's imaginary nation

Is the recognition of Quebec as a nation within Canada useful? The fact is that many French-speaking Quebeckers are just getting excited over a piece of paper that wouldn't make their house more beautiful. However, Gilles Duceppe and his separatist followers are just so used to receive a negative answer from the federal government that they just got trapped by Stephen Harper's move. This move in question said that "Quebec is not a nation", but rather something like the "Québécois are forming a nation within an united Canada".

In their first motion, the Bloc Québécois (BQ) asked the Canadian government to recognize Quebec as a nation. However, even though both the BQ's original motion and that of Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper are just so useless, the advantage of Harper's move is that it clearly divided the separatists from the BQ and the Parti Québécois (PQ). No wonder why the leader of the PQ André Boisclair didn't like the motion. That tells you how pathetic the BQ is to the Parliament...

Besides the fact that the BQ is just a party that is meant to block the function of the Canadian Parliament, in a manner of speaking, we can also see, with his original motion, that Gilles Duceppe, the leader of the BQ, exactly knows what is the real definition of the word nation whether it's in English or in French. Moreover, Gilles Duceppe and André Boisclair don't want to admit that they've been manipulating Quebeckers by altering the definition of the word "nation".

French-speaking Quebecker social scientists can say whatever they want about the definition of the word nation. This week, we saw that Boisclair and Duceppe are aware that a nation is a civil community of people who, besides sharing a common culture and history, inhabits in a country that is defined by borders and controlled by a central government that affirms its sovereignty by making on its own the laws.

Such an odd move from Gilles Duceppe illustrate such a bad intention. Gilles Duceppe said that as long as he's alive, he wants to advocate democracy. However, is it democratic to propose a motion in the House of Commons that recognizes "Quebec as a nation"? Asking the question is like answering to it. It's like asking the permission to the Canadian government to separate without making any referendum! Gilles Duceppe should know that a majority of Quebeckers refused to separate from Canada twice.

The only way for him to know if Quebeckers want to separate from Canada is to organize a referendum, because that should give him an idea how much people like separatism. Besides, Duceppe should know that most members of ethnic minorities don't have any emotional belonging to Quebec. Only 8% of New Quebeckers want separation.

One day, Gilles Duceppe said that Quebec is a nation. The other day, he clumsily conceals his refusal to vote for Stephen Harper's motion that says that "Quebeckers are forming a nation within Canada". A few minutes later, he says that he'll support this motion, because apparently, Duceppe and the separatists don't want to lose their face.

This is so ludicrous...

Now, let's call a cat a cat. If Gilles Duceppe and the separatists want Quebec to become a nation, all they have to do is to make a referendum and separate. However, I doubt that they'll manage to convince a clear majority of Quebeckers...

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