Thursday, November 30, 2006

André Boisclair: A machine of idiocy

André Boisclair, the leader of the Parti Québécois.
Since about two days, all people in Quebec, if not in Canada from coast to coast, learned that the leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ) André Boisclair accepted to appear in a short spoof of Brokeback Mountain that will be aired on the MusiMax channel. This publicity stunt by André Boisclair doesn't reveal us that he has the guts to be a head of a government, but rather a machine of idiocy.

Normally, a politician is not supposed to make these kind of ludicrous things. André Boisclair shouldn't wonder why people will be scoffing at him after his sullied performance in this spoof that nobody would like to watch. As far as we know, a politician is supposed to be more serious than that and by doing such an odd thing, Boisclair is casting the opprobrium not only on himself, but also on those who are supporthing him and the Quebecker population.

Besides, it appears that Boisclair has so much difficulty to take a walk out of the 514 area (i.e. Montréal), just because he's gay. No wonder why Mario Dumont made a sharp joke about Boisclair's lack of knowledge about Quebec's regions! All in all, the leader of the PQ gave to himself a forum through the mainstream media in order to get a value in the public opinion. Speaking about Mario Dumont, he's one of the few politicians who dared to say that Boisclair has a lack of judgement.

André Boisclair should definitely think about looking for another job. As time goes by, we can clearly see that he's not going to win the next provincial election. As MisterP pointed it out, did André Boisclair have to accept to do anything just to show us that he's cool?

It really makes me laugh when I hear André Boisclair saying that he already sees himself as Quebec's next Premier and also the first president of the "Republic of Quebec". If there will be a leadership race in the PQ, I hope that a vast majority of its supporters will think twice before they massively choose a new leader...

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