Monday, October 23, 2006

Video game on the Middle East

Attention everybody, if you don't like to read books or watch boring political thrillers, here's something for you. A Danish video games company will soon release a video game about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The game that was inspired from reality is called Global Conflicts: Palestine.

In this game, you're playing the role of a young journalist who has to publish a neutral article. During your journey, you must find sources from both sides (i.e. Palestinians as well as Israelis) in order to have a clear and objective knowledge about this conflict. By the way, you can also make your journalist be either pro-Palestinian, pro-Israeli or neutral.

Apparently, the objective of the creators of this game is to make people learn more about this complex conflict. To finish my blog entry, I'm going to leave you with the logo of Serious Games Interactive. Do you have any opinion about this game that will be released in early 2007? To be very honest with you, I'm deeply convinced that the game is so pathetic...

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