Friday, October 20, 2006

The UN's last hot seat

Actually, the members of the United Nations are trying to put a country from Latin America on the last seat of the Security Council. Venezuela and Guatemala are the countries that are trying to conquer the heart of the UN's state-members. To win this hot seat, one of these countries must obtain the two thirds of the votes, which means 128 votes.

I can hardly imagine what will the discussions look like at the Security Council if Venezuela was elected as the occupier of the last seat that is the object of a vote. Hugo Chávez, the president of Venezuela, probably wants to have a better forum to challenge American president George W. Bush, but his stubbornness will not help him to have a better diplomatic relation with the USA.

Anyway, the vote is now interrupted and it will be done again in five days. What's your opinion about this race between Venezuela and Guatemala for the last hot seat in the UN's Security Council? Maybe other countries from Latin America will show their interest for the last seat in the Security Council. Who knows?

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