Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Supporting our soldiers in Afghanistan

For the opportunist leftist people out there, let me remind you that despite the fact that our soldiers are facing dangers, they're nonetheless proud to serve Canada. In addition to this pride, they also feel that their efforts will bring good things to Afghan people. It's deplorable that some Canadians ignore the raison d'être of our country's mission in Afghanistan.

First of all, Canada doesn't do this mission to serve the imperialistic ambition of the USA. In fact, it's part of Canada's responsibility to put some order in the world when it's really worth it. As opposed to what is being done in Iraq by the Americans, Canada took the wise decision to adopt a step-by-step approach to help the Afghan people. As a result of that, we're now starting to see that the efforts made by Canada's troops is starting to pay off.

In fact, while the order is gradually being established through the training of Afghan soldiers and policemen by Western military officers, we can say that the humanitarian aspect of this mission is not as sombre as it looks. The Western coalition succeeded into building schools and improving Afghan infrastructures although the Talibans attacked a few of them.

Furthermore, since the Talibans were kicked out the Afghan political institutions, women are gradually starting to see the colour of freedom and children can now study. Needless to say that it has been reported that many people feel free despite the flaws reported in the Afghan laws. With a good collaboration with the Afghan government, we Westerners can help Afghanistan to improve its political institutions progressively.

Feel free to say what you want, but Canada, since the beginning of this mission on Afghan soil in 2001, is, and has always been, in war. As a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), this country has an oath to respect. In fact, the members of the NATO are to bring stability, order and freedom for the oppressed people with a set of clearly elaborated objectives. Hopefully, things are not being done perfunctorily in Afghanistan when you look at what the Americans are trying to do in Iraq with a very hasty manner.

While I'm supporting Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, I can see that some of my fellow compatriots cowardly abandon, in a manner of speaking, our soldiers as if they were a big piece of trash. As opposed to what some people believe, this war against the Taliban is not a war that conceals colonialist objectives; Canada will eventually withdraw from Afghanistan when the mission will be over.

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