Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sanctions against North Korea

North Korea provoked a shock worldwide by leaving the doubt that it has succeeded into testing a nuclear weapon. What will North Korean communist leader Kim Jong-Il do with such a weapon? Obviously, the possession of a nuclear weapon by North Korea is definitely a threat to the stability in North East Asia, because we do believe that North Korea will be tempted to take over the South in order to make the unification of Korea.

Hopefully, according to Thom Shanker and Warren Hoge, the American government doesn't have any intention to attack or occupy North Korea in order to topple the communist government of this backwarded country. This zone will become hotter in terms of violence and the unification of Korea will be more complicated. While several people believe that many countries should have a talk with North Korea, others declared that sanctions must be done.

For instance, the USA affirmed that "international inspections of all cargo moving in and out of North Korea [must be done] to detect weapons-related material" (Shanker and Hoge). These tough measures might affect coastlines and borders from Russia and China.

If American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice declares that North Korea will get exposed to sanctions that are “unlike anything that they (North Korea) have faced before”, how far will her country go besides punishing, with the American banking laws, banks overseas which have activities with North Korea? The great superpowers might believe that their sanctions against North Korea will make this country kneel down.

However many embargos in the past have enormously affected the population of North Korea. The solution will consists into indirectly attacking the North Korean bureaucracy and the military elite, because when you deal with a problem, you must attack its roots. Keeping an eye on the banks might be a good start, but the USA should know that American oversea banks are complying with the banking laws of the country in which they are.

Finally, even though other countries such as China, Russia, France, South Korea and Great Britain are involved in the talks, it is the duty of each country of the international community to not only stay united against North Korea, but also to severely deal with North Korea in economic activities such as banking with their respective national laws. In the end, it is North Korea, with its stubborness, that is making the eventual unification of Korea more difficult.

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