Thursday, October 26, 2006

Gravel's religious hypocrisy

On the 27th of November, two by-elections (in the ridings of Repentigny and London North Centre) will be organized to attribute to any political parties two empty seats of Canada's House of Commons. However, at the light of what we saw, we can really wonder why Raymond Gravel will be the candidate in the riding of Repentigny for the Bloc Québécois (BQ) to replace the late Benoît Sauvageau.

Raymond Gravel
Raymond Gravel

Raymond Gravel made a reputation for himself in Quebec for openly displaying his advocacy of same-sex marriages even though he was a priest. However, this priest of Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines declared that once elected, he'll remain loyal to the Catholic Church. This means that he won't approve any bill that doesn't fit into the moral doctrine promoted by the Catholic faith.

What commonly unites Raymond Gravel and the other members of the BQ is his desire to defend the interest of Quebec and also to fuel the Quebecker separatists. However, if Gilles Duceppe knows that his big-shot candidate in the riding of Repentigny wants to be against same-sex marriages, why doesn't Duceppe react?

Gilles Duceppe
Gilles Duceppe

Gravel doesn't understand that the Canadian secular regimes clearly draws a line between the Church and the State. Therefore, Raymond Gravel should know that in the House of Commons, he is most of all a politician and not a priest. In fact, the Canadian laws seek to maintain the law and order in a society that is ethnically and religiously diversified, but Gravel can still be against same-sex marriages if he feels like it. Thus, is it ethically good to remain completely loyal to the Catholic Church as a priest while you're in the House of Commons?

Asking the question is like answering to it. Raymond Gravel is just a liar and most of all a natural born hypocrite. Are the separatists who support Gravel aware that a politician must be loyal to the citizens he's representing? In the media, Raymond Gravel declares that he's supporting the BQ and the opposition parties in their fight against our homophobic Prime minister Stephen Harper.

The other day, he says that he'll adhere to the Catholic doctrine that is defended by the senile and conservative priests of Vatican. If Raymond Gravel really had a little bit of common sense, he must confess to a priest that he definitely lied about his personnal conviction in order to get some media exposure and also to satisfy his so-called political ambition. Either Raymond Gravel advocates the BQ's cause or he stays with the BQ and cast the opprobrium on our dear separatists. After all, the separatists are certainly not fed up to see their comrades say some oddities.

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