Monday, October 2, 2006

Look who's talking!

According to a small article published by the news agency Associated Press, it is – once and again – said that Turkey is willing to join the European Union (UE). However, French president Jacques Chirac is exhorting the Turkish government to openly admit the existence of the Armenian genocide before Turkey can fully become a member of the UE. Now, look who's talking!
French president Jacques Chirac
Photo Associated Press

A moronic French politician is giving to himself the permission to give History lessons to the Turkish. A few words for Jacques Chirac: you quirky Frenchmen can't even recognize the fact that you did so many horrible things by colonizing so many countries. Yet, you're giving lessons to other nations! Why doesn't France get kicked out of the EU? The French are reviewing their History by saying that the colonization of some countries was particularly positive (especially in North Africa), just to let you know.

Do these funny French believe that their past colonialism must be a source of pride and glory just like most Japanese? Hey, Jacques, clean your own yard before you look into the yard of your friend. Most of all, don't you ever forget what your ancestors did in Canada, you humorous and silly French!

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