Friday, October 6, 2006

Contradiction with André Boisclair

You all remember that one year ago, André Boisclair, the leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ), clearly said that once elected as the Premier of Quebec, he would organize a referendum on the independence of Quebec “as soon as possible”. Now, we can learn in an article of the newspaper La Presse that the leader of the PQ is taking some distance with the political platform that he openly approved and praised last year.

One day André Boisclair says that he would organize a referendum “as soon as possible” once he is elected, which means very quickly, to “make the independence of the nation of Quebec”. Now, he gives to people the feeling that Quebec will stay in the federated State of Canada. Wow, what a contradiction! It seems that the leader of the biggest separatist church in Quebec finally understood that staying in Canada is not that bad. Does he want to make the promotion of staying in Canada?

I can clearly see that the purest and toughest separatists in Quebec will not miss an occasion to pillory André Boisclair in the media. Let’s not make any anticipation, but it looks like some “pure and tough” separatists just won’t take it, because they might perceive Boisclair’s ideological dancing moves as a backstab. Needless to say that the “pure and tough” separatists desperately want Quebec to become independent right now.

Finally, as many people in the blogosphere said it, Boisclair is making a few steps back in order to progress and conquer the electorate. Normally, when you’re starting to back up, you might fall down in a very pathetic way. Will the leader of the biggest separatist church of Quebec be despised by many supporters of the PQ? Will he fall? These questions still remain unanswered, but I do hope that his incapacity to lead a political party and his ludicrous clumsiness will divide the PQ once and for all.

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