Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Two words to Jan Wong: Butt out

Saturday, a very mindless article was published by Jan Wong in the Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper that is sold nationwide. Wong, who was born in Montreal in 1953, upheld that the three shootings that took place in Quebecker schools must be associated with the Bill 101. According to this bill, French is technically the language that must be used within the provincial boundaries of Quebec.

Jan Wong is viscerally convinced that the Bill 101 excludes the Anglophones and the New Canadians. That's why, as she said it, the three killers (Marc Lépine, Valery Fabrikant and Kimveer Gill) expressed their anger in a society that apparently favours the French-speaking Quebecker.

Where is the truth?

If you take the time to think about it, you'll see that Wong was totally wrong.

Marc Lépine, who was born in Canada from a father who came from Algeria and a French-Canadian mother, killed 14 female students at the École Polytechnique. Lépine vindicated his acts of violence by saying that he hated women and feminism. He never said that he felt excluded or alienated because of the Bill 101 which defends the use of French within the provincial boundaries of Quebec.

As for Valery Fabrikant, he was working at the Concordia University, an English-speaking institution. None of his four victims were Francophones. Seriously, we can't see what Jan Wong is trying to tell with her weird thesis. What a strange way to verbally demolish Quebec!

Kimveer Gill, the killer who was held responsible for the shooting at Dawson College, expressed his anger on young students in English in an... English-speaking college of Montreal. Gill's parents remembered him as someone who loves Canada and Montreal.

Were these three killers feeling excluded or alienated just because of the Bill 101? The answer is no. Obviously, someone who ludicrously pretends to be a genius in psychology like Jan Wong can be against the Bill 101. However, it's completely deplorable and irresponsible that someone holds the Bill 101 as an element that nurtures violence and ethnic tensions in a supposedly prestigious, progressist and serious newspaper like the Globe and Mail.

Furthermore, all these rubbish things that she wrote were not supported at all with real sources. No scientific studies. No remarks from social scientist. No deep analysis from psychologists. Jan Wong's column, which is devoid of sense, was built with her fiery subjectivity that is meant to express her reprehensible and condemnable hatred towards Quebeckers.

Linguistic struggle? Huh, what struggle?

In her preposterous article, she was also talking about the linguistic fight from the minorities. As a matter of fact, Quebeckers of all ancestry warmly expressed their support for the students of Dawson College. Besides, these students were able to speak well in French. This shows you that unlike what the Wong Ton Soup Lady believes, Quebeckers of all ancestry do not hate anything that represents the Anglophones. Time goes by so quickly and Quebec has changed. Most Quebeckers of all ancestry live in peace with their fellow Anglophones brothers.

Jan Wong wanted to give her analysis about the shooting that took place at Dawson College, but I personally fear that her thesis will fuel the resentment that the Quebecker separatists have for the rest of Canada. In fact, while I'm writing this, I can clearly see so many separatists stating that Wong's article reflect the negative perception that English-Canadians have on the Quebecker society. Of course, she has the right to express her opinion, but her remarks are absurd, ludicrous, mindless and pathetic. These remarks are only prejudices on the Quebecker society.

Obviously, I'm reassured to see that so many English-Canadians got the courage to lambaste Jan Wong for her racist and disgusting article. Moreover, when these kind of dirty things are written about Quebec, federalists in Quebec (just like me) feel strangled because some Quebecker separatists dare to associate them with pathetic people such as Don Cherry, Barbara Kay and Jan Wong. All in all, these comments from Jan Wong not only threaten the unity of Canada, but they also illustrate her serious paucity of grey matter.

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