Monday, September 11, 2006

The meaning of the 9/11

Today, five years separate us from the very moment when the World Trade Center was hit by two airplanes. This moment that will change our life occurred on the 11th of September 2001. In fact, the Western world has become a little bit paranoid. For instance, most of the time, Canada is described as a tolerant country. However, the suspicion that some Canadians have towards their fellow compatriots who are Muslim is bigger than before.

After the insane double attack of the World Trade Center, the Canadian government has spent a huge amount of money to protect us. Besides all these efforts, the government of Paul Martin was criticized by the American government for its laxity in the way it handles the issues on security. This fear coming from the American government is justified by the fact that some international terrorists use Canada as a gateway leading to the USA. Nonetheless, the time has changed and the Conservative Party now governs Canada, which is a party that is a little bit pro-American.

The American media regards Canada methods in security management with a greater respect. With the arrest of seventeen Canadians of Pakistani ancestry during the summer vacation, American officials believe that Canada is willing to put some order in its yard once and for all. Apparently, the Canadian government has tightened its control on a few Muslim citizens who are considered as a “national threat”. Of course, this obsession for security often brings contradiction with our judiciary principles inherited from the British colonization. Criminals must be arrested with an arrest warrant (that encompasses real proof), but in Canada, some people have been arrested without an arrest warrant. Was the arrest of seventeen terrorists in Toronto a tasteless show or a real tour de force?

The event of the 9/11 has made us lose our innocence. Some members of the Muslim community often have bitter feelings in response to how Canadians lock them in a weird identity with their eyes and also to how the Canadian government is treating them. Again the Canadian government certainly tries to treat them fairly, but some of the Muslims living here think that my country is no longer their home.

Finally, the attacks of the 11th of September 2001 clearly indicate a change of century. The French Revolution will put an end to the 18th century by bringing forward the concept of a nation, nationalism, republicanism and questions about the legitimacy of a monarchy. The beginning of the First World War in 1914 will introduce the world to new fighting methods. The attacks of the 9/11 has shown us the new face of terrorism.

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