Friday, September 22, 2006

The Hamas and its discourse

We all thought that a coalition government could be created by the Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas. At the light of what we're witnessing, we can't say that Abbas will be able to create a moderate coalition government that is combining the Hamas and the Fatah (the party of Abbas). This is due to the stubbornness of the Hamas's members, the governing party at the Palestinian parliament.

According to an article of the Globe and Mail, a top political adviser of the Hamas told to the news agency Associated Press that the party that he's representing doesn't want to be part of a Palestinian coalition government. This refusal to be part of a coalition government with the Fatah can be explained by the incapacity of the Hamas's members to recognize the State of Israel, as a country that has the right to exist.

The recognition of Israel by the Hamas is a condition that was set by the international community. If the members of the Hamas comply with this condition, the international community will give fundings for the Palestinian government. After all, even though the Hamas was elected democratically, it deserves to be severely punished for its stubbornness.

The Western nations did the right move by blocking the funds that the Palestinian government needs. What will happen if this money came into the hands of the Hamas? Evidently, many people will agree to say that the Hamas will finance the purchase of weapons to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. After all, giving the funds that are necessary to the development of the Palestinian Authority can fade our hopes for peace, because it's not with violence and bloodshed that a nation will find peace.

In fact, these funds will nurture the violent anti-Israel ideology of the Hamas. Thus, this will solve nothing, because it will only create annoying confrontation between the Palestinians and Israel. Ismael Haniyeh, the Prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, wants to satisfy the interest of his people, but he doesn't want to regard Israel as a country. Now that's a contradiction.

Many Palestinians want to have peace once and for all with Israel, but even though the Hamas desperately wants to give good things for the Palestinians, its incapacity to see things rationally not only put a stop to the development of Palestine, but it also isolates this party. This is where the contradiction lies.

When will the Hamas notice that it is the only Palestinian political party that seeks the destruction of Israel? Actually, it's quite hard to tell, but as long as the Hamas doesn't want to recognize the State of Israel, the Western nations will never give any financial help to the Palestinian government, because it will make our hopes for peace fade. If these funds have been given to the Palestinian government, the Western nations will be held responsible for putting the Palestinians into a quagmire. After all, as Westerners, it's not our job to negotiate with such a bunch of isolated savage terrorists who openly advocate anti-Semitism (i.e. the Hamas).

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