Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Michael Ignatieff divides the Liberals

Michael Ignatieff
Michael Ignatieff
Photo Canadian Press

While Michael Ignatieff, one of the eleven candidates in the leadership race of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC), is organizing on his web site auctions that allow people to "date" a deputy that is supporting him, we can be sure that the LPC is not really able to take advantage of the contempt that most Canadians have for the Conservative Party. I'm not a hard supporter of the LPC, but in my opinion, one of the problems that the Liberals have is their division that can clearly be seen in the actual leadership race that is taking place in their party.

The reason why the Liberals can't really take off in the public opinions can also be explained by the division that tears their party as it was said in the introduction. When Stephen Harper, the Prime minister of Canada and the leader of the Conservative Party, have proposed in the House of Commons to prorogate the mandate of the Canadian troops in Afghanistan, some of the Liberals were against that parliamentary initiative. As strange as it might look, it was the Liberals who have had the idea, back in 2001 when Jean Chrétien was Canada's Prime minister, to send our troops in Afghanistan. Now, some of them want our troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan, because they do have a feeling that the mission itself doesn't look like a peace-keeping mission, but rather like a war that is described with a big "W" in the public opinion.

Even though he doesn't openly admit that he's a little bit pro-American, Michael Ignatieff should really think about changing his vision in foreign policies if he really wants to become the new leader of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) in December. Of course, the Liberals don't advocate the idea of supporting the American imperialism, but do you really think that they can conquer the public opinion with their division in their foreign policies since they often have a tendency to take the ethnic minorities' votes for granted? The answer is no and that is something that Ignatieff must understand.

What so many people in Canada hate about Michael Ignatieff is his interest in promoting the Canadian ideological values, because he's one of the rare Canadian public figures who have condoned the American invasion in Iraq not necessarily for finding the weapons of mass destruction, but rather for the promotion of the principles of human rights. Ignatieff definitely looks like a strong defender of democracy in the likes of Canadian political analyst Rex Murphy, but he must understand that Canadians don't want to see their country becoming a blind supporter of American imperialism. Now, do I consider Michael Ignatieff as a potential leader of the Liberal Party? To tell you the truth, I really don't appreciate Ignatieff's political visions.

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