Thursday, August 17, 2006

Harper's support for neo-conservatism

Because of the demonstration that was held on the 6th of August for peace in the Middle East, columnist Barbara Kay labels the Quebeckers as “Islamist terrorist sympathizers” who have a “cultural and historical sympathy for Arab countries from the francophonie -- Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon -- joined with reflexive anti-Americanism and a fat streak of anti-Semitism that has marbled the intellectual discourse of Quebec throughout its history”. Finally, in her column’s conclusion, Barbara Kay audaciously states that “unlike them (André Boisclair, Denis Coderre, Gilles Duceppe and Amir Khadir), he (Stephen Harper) isn't willing to sell his soul.”

Obviously, Stephen Harper has “[sold] his soul” a long time ago… This man draws his foreign policy in order to align them on the ones coming from our Southern neighbours. Canada has often had stances in terms of foreign policies that are independent from the USA's viewpoints, a country that is not always trying to find peaceful solutions to the political tensions that tear the world with its condemnable foreign policies, mind you. Stephen Harper's blind support for Israel that lacks nuances reveals a tacit support for the American government's ideas that aims to weaken the Arabic countries of the Middle East in favour of Israel with bloodshed. All in all, these bloodsheds in question don't bring peace in the Middle East...

As a puppet of George W. Bush, Stephen Harper probably doesn't care that much about how the USA's imperialistic ambition destabilizes the world. Needless to say that the Bush administration is so tempted by making unilateral decisions in order to satisfy the American interests around the world and those who are against them inevitably become the object of their anger. Unfortunately, Stephen Harper has chosen to be on Bush's side and this will transform Canada into a quiet supporter of worldwide imperialism. Just like journalist Larry Zolf, I do agree that even if Harper loses some support, he'll probably get votes from certain members of the Jewish community, who are usually liberals with a small “l”, since his foreign policies are favouring Israel. By the way, don't you think that Stephen Harper is just mindlessly repeating what George W. Bush says? This is so embarassing for proud Canadians.

Being against the decision of the Israeli and American governments doesn't necessarily illustrate a “reflexive anti-Americanism” nor an anti-Semitism. Barbara Kay doesn't seem to see that the Israeli and American governments are advocating political stances that don't bring peace at all in the Middle East. Seriously, Kay has gone way too far in her column... Finally, has Canada lost its independence in foreign policies? Let's talk about it now.

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