Friday, August 25, 2006

Canadians detest their pro-American government

The newspaper Journal de Montréal shows us that the Conservative Party, the governing party that is led by Stephen Harper, lost some support according to the latest survey made by the group SES Research. With a low score of 36% nationwide, the Tories are getting back to where they used to be right before the general election of the 23rd of January 2005. Furthermore, 42% of people coming from the province of Quebec said that they’d vote for the Bloc Québécois.

Even though a sample made of 1003 persons, who responded to the surveys from the 18th to the 23rd of August, was used, it shows us that the dream of Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper to form a majority in the House of Commons is gradually fading. Obviously, Harper has hit a low because some Canadians have seen that he can’t really defend the interest of Canada.

In the conflict over the issue of the trades of softwood lumber that opposed Canada to the USA, Canada could only get $4 billions out of the $5.3 billions that our Southern neighbours owe us. Although international trading courts have proven that Canada is in a good position to claim $5.3 billions, the Bush administration refused to pay what it owes to Canada and Harper doesn’t seem to care about that, which is, for most Canadians, a display of weakness towards the Americans.

Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, is apparently showing to these Americans that it doesn’t matter if they just fuck us. Do we want a government that is transforming our country into the slave of our Southern neighbour? The answer is no. It is true that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) connects the Americans’ economy to that of Canada. But how much does Harper wants to connect Canada’s economy to that of the USA?

Maybe too much? The NAFTA might have some advantages, but the downside of this agreement is that when Canada is totally right on certain issues, the USA just wants to do things with their own way. Harper’s patent pro-Americanism can cost him so many votes. The only way to win an election in Canada is to let people know that their country can have a voice of its own while facing the USA. Harper can be sure that he’ll hit another low, because the upcoming agreement, which will be the object of a vote in the House of Commons, deals with the conflict of the softwood lumber.

If the votes are in favour of this agreement, then Canada will only get $4 billion out of the $5.3 billion that the USA owe to it. Given the fact that Harper is at the head of a minority government, if the opposition parties are against the trading agreement, then the Canadian government will fall and a federal election will be held in the next month, because only non-confidence and financial votes can topple a minority government.

Finally, Gilles Duceppe, the leader of the Bloc Québécois, has said that the members of his party will vote in favour of the agreement, because his party is having a shortage of money. As for the Liberals and the New Democrats, they won’t support it. We'll see how Canadians will endure this annoying federal political story. This story is to be continued.

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