Wednesday, August 23, 2006

André Arthur's quick tongue and another story

According to an article of the news agency Canadian Press published in the French speaking newspaper La Presse, the Canadian federal deputy André Arthur is not showing a lot of sympathy for the Lebanese people. While saying that "they (the Lebanese) are using their Canadian passport to come in this country (Canada) to ski or to offer a medical operation for their aunt", the deputy of Portneuf raises a very tough question: what's the point of having a dual citizenship when you just come to Canada as a tourist while you do legally bear the Canadian citizenship?

Seriously, some friends of mine and I have come to think that people only use the citizenship of our country to take advantage of political benefits while being abroad. Well, if I wasn't interested to live in Canada, I wouldn't adopt the national citizenship of it. Even though André Arthur is an independent deputy at the Canadian parliament, it's needless to say that he is often close to Stephen Harper's stances on certain issues.

I don't want to sound really rude, but even though I don't like a lot the very idea of dual citizenship, I personally think that a Canadian citizen must only have the right to have an American citizenship for geographic reason, because as you all know it, the USA is our Southern neighbour. Now, I'd rather talk about it another time.

Besides, André Arthur is wondering why on earth did the Canadian government decide to spend $25 millions for the humanitarian aid and the reconstruction of Lebanon. As far as I know, the Israeli troops should claim responsibility for the destruction of Lebanon, but the reason why Harper has decided to unblock these funds has a political nature. This move rather looks like hypocrisy. Stephen Harper, the Prime minister of Canada, was apparently supporting Israel, but he's apparently trying to put his past blunders right behind him in order to conquer the heart of the Lebanese community.

This, in my opinion, won't work at all. This ludicrous contradiction shows us that Stephen Harper can't adopt a real stance in foreign policies. When you're at the helm of a government, you don't have the luxury to lose yourself into contradiction with two stances that are opposed to each other unless you just woke up... The Harper government has shown us how clumsy it is when it comes to tackling hot issues in foreign policies. The unexpected military crisis that shook Lebanon has single-handedly shown us, in a manner of speaking, how cold Stephen Harper really is as a puppet of George W. Bush, the USA's head of State. This cold attitude has brought people to think that Stephen Harper is just a man who doesn't seem to care that much about what's going on in the world, especially when Canada's noisy Southern neighbour is trying to act like the maker of world order. Is Stephen Harper a sensitive humanist? Well, Asking the question is like answering to it...

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